Lyrics make my head hurt but a Perfect Groove Never Disappoints.

The best songs hit me in the gut, viscerally.

I’ll usually like a song or not based on

1) liking the initial bodily pull from the harmonic rhythm;

2) liking the melodic sounds

3) liking the harmonic choices

4) liking the sonority.

Speed is something that rules music, Burt I have never changed a song in my of purchases based on tempo. All music I measure is purchased. I thank YouTube and WordPress firewall allowing recording embeds, borrowed never stolen. I’m a 40 year musician – I get it. Also a lawyer, thus being disbarred for stealing and REO Speedwagon hit? No thanks! Live ya Kevin Cronin, so know I bought everything I listened to before checking out GREAT performances from all the fantastically generous artists on YouTube💯💯💯.

I *have* thousands of purchases based obj whether I like the way that tempo is being used. I own every Pat Metheny Group, Genesis and Dave Matthews Band song. In the end, Carter Beaford of the Dave Matthews Band has been there most underrated musician alive since 1992!



This page isn’t for sale either: I never sold anything and I still don’t.

Self control is the most important part of your life when those in power and those who feel powerless are letting their emotions drown out logical, linear rational thought.

Someone has 65000 + images stolen from me. Hope you smile at yourself in the mirror! Hope ya sleep well! Anyway, all these people re-branding? Happened to many of them also.

The Communist bohemians on the other side of the world are great at technology. They are also free of creativity. Know that many of y’all I am not republishing to make money. As in the title, I have never sold anything. I don’t sell things. Hence the Communist thieves think: ingredients are there! He has led this field since 2006! Let’s steal the files and sell! Good luck with that you *takent free* Eastern Europe hackers. Maybe you’ll pick your head out if the vodka and start behaving normally.