Elvis has left the building. Unclassified tempo map, Love Me Tender

Love me Tender is a song performed and recorded by American musician, warrior, and actor Elvis Presley.

Love With You is the 10th most popular piece of sheet music over half a century after its release.

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“Yolanda, You Learn” | Pat Metheny Group | declassified tempo map


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Metheny & Mays, Greatest duo since Miles Davis & John Coletrane …. Miss & feelin those days of Pedro Aznar, Paul Wertico

Whenever I play this in the morning while making coffee, there鈥檚 no question: It鈥檚 going to be a very productive day.

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James Newton Howard y Jennifer Lawrence desclasificaron el diagrama Matherton del “谩rbol colgante” del Sinsajo

La canci贸n del 谩rbol colgante fue cantada por Jennifer Lawrence en la pel铆cula llamada los juegos del hambre. P谩rrafo de los juegos del hambre era una representaci贸n de un futuro dist贸pico que somos cada a帽o 25 ni帽os entre las edades de 12 y 16 se matan entre s铆 hasta que uno se coron贸 el ganador.


Los concursantes se compadecen el uno al otro al principio, pero saben que todos tendr谩n que matarse entre ellos antes de que alguien muera. Miss miss Dean Dean. El personaje interpretado por Jennifer Lawrence canta esta canci贸n escrita por Newton Howard en una toma.

鈥淛ames鈥, 鈥淭he First Circle鈥, Pat Metheny Group Matherton Tempo Diagrams

The song The First Circle by the Pat Metheny Group, 聽in particular this live version from their album called One From the Road has Been recognized by many people in the music industry as music simply too original to be pigeonholed. . 聽As a gues on jazz albums, Pat with any group was able to sell at the level of 聽pop musicians of their time. 聽The difference between that Metheny group and the pop musicians was that 聽The PMG鈥檚 聽better songs develop over 7-10 minutes – pieces where attention that many escape in to, many have not heard yet.


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